Before Kesre Hotel, I and my wife were working in the private sector, endlessly complaining about the boredom of what we were doing. We were imagining of an enterprise to which we could fully and deliberately devote ourselves, and in which we would invest all we have for quality. Since our family is rooted in Alaçatı, and our ancestors used to run a hotel here for ages, we decided to build a hotel in this most favourite spot in Turkey. Kesre is at the end of Cemaliye dead-end street, parallel to the main street of Alaçatı; thus it is a calm location just by the various dining and entertainment facilities the village offers, whereas it is also isolated from the crowd. This location is the most important aspect for which Kesre should be chosen to stay. 

We support cycling in Alaçatı. Cycling is a way of life for us. We cycle in the morning, we go shopping on our bicycles, we invite our guests to country outings in spring to fill our baskets with daisies, poppies and hyacinths. Cycling transforms into joy of living.

Each season comes with its particular beauties to Kesre. After the cheerful summer, Alaçatı becomes quiet and listens to itself. The best month to visit the village is September, indeed. A calm sea, a cool sunshine, a kind wind, and at night, a full-moon makes you the luckiest human being on earth in Alaçatı. 

In the winter, we make a fire in the fireplace in the lobby, where my wife cooks mulled wine, and our guests cook sausage. Greek music makes it all the more cheerful, and sometimes we play sirtaki altogether. The next day starts with a delicious breakfast in front of the fireplace.

We look forward to spending the long winter. The nature wakes up in the spring. When the flavours of the flowers start to overwhelm the air of the village, when the women in Alaçatı start their tours up the hills to gather potherbs, when the amount of fish sold in the auction arise, you can be sure the spring is here. We start our preparation for the high season. We paint our furniture, and whitewash our hotel in the traditional style to get our rooms ready for our guests.

Kesre is thus ready for the summer, waiting for the old and new friends.